JOB 11

Jb 11:1Then Zophar the Naamathite answered and said,

Jb 11:2Should a multitude of words not be answered? / And should a man of much talk be justified?

Jb 11:3Shall your empty talk silence men? / And will you mock, and there be none to shame you?

Jb 11:4For you say, My doctrine is pure, / And I am clean in Your eyes.

Jb 11:5But, oh, that God would speak / And open His lips to you,

Jb 11:6And that He would tell you the secrets of wisdom! / For there are two sides to sound reason. / Know then that God has forgotten some of your iniquity.

Jb 11:7Can you find out the depths of God? / Can you find out the limit of the Almighty?

Jb 11:8It is the height of heaven — what can you do? / It is deeper than Sheol — what can you know?

Jb 11:9Its measure is longer than that of the earth / And broader than the sea.

Jb 11:10If He passes by and imprisons / And summons an assembly, who can stop Him?

Jb 11:11For He knows men of falsehood, / And He sees iniquity without considering it.

Jb 11:12But an empty-headed man acquires intelligence / When the foal of a wild ass is born as a man.

Jb 11:13If you would set your heart right / And stretch your hands out to Him —

Jb 11:14If there is iniquity in your hand, put it far away, / And do not let wrong dwell in your tents —

Jb 11:15Then indeed you would lift up your face without blemish, / And you would be steadfast and would not be afraid.

Jb 11:16For you will forget your misery; / You will remember it as waters that have passed away.

Jb 11:17And your time here will rise more brightly than the noonday; / Dark though it may be, it will be like the morning.

Jb 11:18And you will be secure, for there is hope; / And you will search about and lie down in security.

Jb 11:19Indeed you will lie down, and there will be none to terrify you; / And many will entreat your favor.

Jb 11:20But the eyes of the wicked will fail, / And fleeing will be lost to them, / And their hope will be to breathe out their life.

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