JOB 21

Jb 21:1Then Job answered and said,

Jb 21:2Listen carefully to my word, / And let this be your consolations.

Jb 21:3Bear with me, and I will speak; / And after I have spoken, mock on.

Jb 21:4As for me, is my complaint to man? / And why should my spirit not be impatient?

Jb 21:5Look at me and be appalled; / And put your hand over your mouth.

Jb 21:6Even when I remember, I am troubled, / And horror takes hold of my flesh.

Jb 21:7Why do the wicked live, / Grow old, even become mighty in riches?

Jb 21:8Their seed is established with them in their sight, / And their offspring, before their eyes.

Jb 21:9Their houses are free from dread, / And the rod of God is not upon them.

Jb 21:10Their bull breeds and does not fail; / Their cow calves and does not miscarry.

Jb 21:11They send forth their little ones like a herd, / And their children dance.

Jb 21:12They lift up their voices to the tambourine and lyre, / And they rejoice at the sound of the flute.

Jb 21:13They spend their days in prosperity, / And in a moment they go down into Sheol.

Jb 21:14And they say unto God, Depart from us, / For we do not desire the knowledge of Your ways.

Jb 21:15What is the Almighty, that we should serve Him? / And what profit is there, that we should pray to Him?

Jb 21:16Indeed, their prosperity is not in their own hand. / The counsel of the wicked is far from Him.

Jb 21:17How often is the lamp of the wicked put out, / So that their calamity comes upon them, / So that God distributes sorrows in His anger?

Jb 21:18Do they become like straw before the wind / And like chaff that the storm carries off?

Jb 21:19You say, God stores up the punishment of his iniquity for his children. / I say, Let Him recompense him, so that he knows it.

Jb 21:20Let his eyes see his destruction, / And let him drink the wrath of the Almighty.

Jb 21:21For what is there for him to delight in, in his house after him, / When the number of his months is cut off?

Jb 21:22Will someone teach knowledge to God, / Seeing that He judges those who are on high?

Jb 21:23One dies in his full strength, / Being completely at ease and quiet;

Jb 21:24His pails are full of milk, / And the marrow of his bones is moist.

Jb 21:25But another dies in bitterness of soul / And does not taste of good.

Jb 21:26They lie down alike in the dust, / And the worm covers them.

Jb 21:27Indeed, I know your thoughts, / And the devices by which you would wrong me.

Jb 21:28For you say, Where is the house of the prince? / Where is the tent of the dwellings of the wicked?

Jb 21:29Have you not asked those who travel the roads? / And do you not regard their evidence,

Jb 21:30That the wicked man is spared in the day of calamity, / That they are led forth at the day of overflowing wrath?

Jb 21:31Who will declare his way to his face? / And who will repay him what he has done?

Jb 21:32When he is borne to the grave, / A watch is kept over the tomb.

Jb 21:33The clods of the valley are sweet to him; / And all men go in procession after him, / And those who went before him are without number.

Jb 21:34Why then do you comfort me with vanity? / For your responses leave only falsehood behind.

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