JOB 36

Jb 36:1And Elihu added this and said,

Jb 36:2Bear with me a little, and I will show you; / For there is more to say for God.

Jb 36:3I will bring my knowledge from afar / And will ascribe righteousness to my Maker.

Jb 36:4For truly my words are not false; / One perfect in knowledge is with you.

Jb 36:5Indeed, God is mighty and does not despise; / He is mighty in strength of understanding.

Jb 36:6He does not preserve the wicked man alive, / But gives justice to the afflicted.

Jb 36:7He does not withdraw His eyes from the righteous; / And with kings on the throne, / He sets them forever, and they are exalted.

Jb 36:8And if they are bound in fetters, / If they are caught in the cords of affliction,

Jb 36:9He shows them their work / And their transgressions, that they have acted arrogantly.

Jb 36:10He also opens their ear to instruction / And commands that they return from iniquity.

Jb 36:11If they hear and serve Him, / They will spend their days in prosperity / And their years in pleasantness.

Jb 36:12But if they do not hear, they will pass away by the sword / And die without knowledge.

Jb 36:13But those who are profane in heart lay up anger; / They do not cry for help when He binds them.

Jb 36:14They die in youth, / And their life ends among the most defiled.

Jb 36:15He rescues the afflicted by their affliction / And opens their ear through oppression.

Jb 36:16Indeed He allures you from the jaws of distress / Into a spacious place, where there is no constraint; / And what is upon your table is full of fatness.

Jb 36:17But you are filled with the judgment of the wicked; / Judgment and litigation have taken hold of you.

Jb 36:18Beware lest wrath allures you into scoffing, / And do not let the greatness of the ransom turn you aside.

Jb 36:19Will your cry keep you from being in distress, / Or all the forces of your strength?

Jb 36:20Do not long for the night, / When people are taken from their place.

Jb 36:21Take heed; do not turn toward iniquity; / For you have chosen this rather than affliction.

Jb 36:22Indeed, God is exalted in His power: / Who is a teacher like Him?

Jb 36:23Who has appointed His way for Him? / And who says, You have done wrong?

Jb 36:24Remember to magnify His work, / Of which men sing.

Jb 36:25All mankind has gazed on it; / Man beholds it from afar.

Jb 36:26Indeed, God is great, and we do not know Him; / The number of His years we also cannot search out.

Jb 36:27For He draws up the drops of water / Which distill into rain from His mist,

Jb 36:28Which the skies pour down / And drop upon man abundantly.

Jb 36:29Can they indeed understand the spreading of the clouds, / The thunderings of His pavilion?

Jb 36:30Indeed, He scatters His lightning around Him / And covers the roots of the sea.

Jb 36:31For by these He judges the peoples; / He gives food in abundance.

Jb 36:32He fills His hands with lightning / And commands it to strike the mark.

Jb 36:33Its noise tells of Him; / The cattle as well tell concerning Him who is coming.

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