A Song; a Psalm of the sons of Korah. To the choir director: according to mahalath leannoth. A Maschil of Heman the Ezrahite.

Ps 88:1O Jehovah, the God of my salvation, / I have cried out by day and in the night before You.

Ps 88:2May my prayer come before You; / Incline Your ear to my cry.

Ps 88:3For my soul is full of troubles, / And my life draws near to Sheol.

Ps 88:4I am accounted among those who go down into the pit; / I am like a man without any help,

Ps 88:5Abandoned among the dead, / Like the slain that lie in the grave, / Whom You remember no more, / And they are cut off from Your hand.

Ps 88:6You have put me in the lowest pit, / In the dark places, in the depths.

Ps 88:7Your wrath lies heavily upon me, / And You have afflicted me with all Your waves. Selah

Ps 88:8You have put my acquaintances far from me; / You have made me an abomination to them. / I am shut in and cannot go out.

Ps 88:9My eye wastes away at the affliction; / I have called out to You, O Jehovah, every day; / I have spread out my hands to You.

Ps 88:10Will You perform wonders for the dead? / Will the deceased rise up and praise You? Selah

Ps 88:11Will Your lovingkindness be declared in the grave, / Or Your faithfulness in Abaddon?

Ps 88:12Will Your wonders be made known in the darkness, / Or Your righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?

Ps 88:13But I, O Jehovah, have cried out to You; / And in the morning my prayer comes before You.

Ps 88:14Why, O Jehovah, have You rejected my soul? / Why do You hide Your face from me?

Ps 88:15I have been afflicted and about to die since my youth; / I bear Your terrors; I am overwhelmed.

Ps 88:16Your fierce wrath has gone over me; / Your terrors have cut me off.

Ps 88:17They surrounded me like water all day long; / They altogether encompassed me.

Ps 88:18You have put far from me / Lover and friend; / My acquaintances are in darkness.

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