Is 13:1The burden concerning Babylon, which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw:

Is 13:2Upon a bare mountain raise up a standard; / Lift up your voice to them. / Wave your hand that they may enter / The gates of the nobles.

Is 13:3I Myself have commanded My sanctified ones; / I have also called My mighty ones to My wrath, / Those who exult in My majesty.

Is 13:4The sound of a tumult in the mountains, / Like that of many peoples! / The sound of an uproar of the kingdoms, / Of nations gathered together! / Jehovah of hosts is mustering / An army for battle.

Is 13:5They are coming from a distant land, / From the ends of heaven — / Jehovah and the instruments of His indignation — / To ruin all the land.

Is 13:6Howl, for the day of Jehovah has drawn near! / As destruction from the Almighty, it will come.

Is 13:7Because of this all the hands will drop, / And every human heart will melt;

Is 13:8And people will be dismayed. / Pangs and anguish will seize them; / Like a woman giving birth, they will writhe. / Each man will look toward his neighbor dumbfounded; / Their faces are inflamed.

Is 13:9Now the day of Jehovah is coming — / Cruel and with overflowing wrath and burning anger — / To make the land a desolation; / And He will destroy its sinners off of it.

Is 13:10For the stars of heaven and their constellations / Will not shine forth their light; / The sun will be dark at its rising, / And the moon will not let its light shine.

Is 13:11And I will punish the world for its evil, / And the wicked for their iniquity; / I will stop the arrogance of the proud, / And the haughtiness of the terrible I will abase.

Is 13:12I will make mortal man rarer than pure gold, / And mankind rarer than the gold of Ophir.

Is 13:13Hence, I will make the heavens shake, / And the earth will quake out of its place, / At the overflowing wrath of Jehovah of hosts, / In the day of His burning anger.

Is 13:14And like the hunted gazelle / And sheep without someone to gather them, / Each man will turn to his own people, / And each will flee to his own land.

Is 13:15Everyone found will be pierced through, / And everyone caught will fall by the sword.

Is 13:16And their little ones will be dashed to pieces / Before their eyes; / Their houses will be plundered, / And their wives will be attacked.

Is 13:17Now I rouse up the Medes against them, / Who will not esteem silver highly, / Nor take delight in gold.

Is 13:18Their bows will shatter the young men; / And they will not have compassion on the fruit of the womb: / Their eyes will have no pity on children.

Is 13:19And Babylon, the beauty of kingdoms, / The glory of the Chaldeans’ majesty, / Will be as when God overthrew / Sodom and Gomorrah:

Is 13:20It will not be inhabited forever; / It will not be dwelt in from generation to generation. / And the Arab will not set up his tent there, / Nor will the shepherds make their flocks lie down there.

Is 13:21But desert animals will lie down there, / And their houses will be full of wild dogs; / There ostriches will dwell, / And wild goats will prance there;

Is 13:22Hyenas will respond in their citadels, / And jackals in their exquisite palaces. / Her time is about to come, / And her days will not be prolonged.

Isaiah 12 Isaiah 14

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