Is 24:1Jehovah now makes the earth desolate and lays it waste; He distorts its surface and scatters its inhabitants:

Is 24:2As it is with the people, so will it be with the priest; / As it is with the servant, so will it be with the master; / As it is with the maid, so will it be with the mistress; / As it is with the buyer, so will it be with the seller; / As it is with the lender, so will it be with the borrower; / As it is with the creditor, so will it be with him to whom he gives credit.

Is 24:3The earth will be utterly desolated / And utterly spoiled, / For Jehovah has spoken this word.

Is 24:4The earth dries up and fades away; / The world languishes and fades away; / The exalted of the people of the earth languish.

Is 24:5And the earth is polluted under the weight of its inhabitants; / For they have transgressed laws, they have violated statutes, / They have broken an eternal covenant.

Is 24:6Therefore a curse devours the earth / And the inhabitants of it are held guilty; / Therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, / And few men are left.

Is 24:7The new wine mourns; the vine languishes; / All the merryhearted sigh.

Is 24:8The mirth of the tambourines ceases; / The noise of those who exult stops; / The mirth of the lyre ceases.

Is 24:9Men do not drink wine in song; / Liquor is bitter to those who drink it.

Is 24:10The city of chaos is broken down; / Every house is shut up that none may enter.

Is 24:11A cry for wine is in the streets; / All joy is darkened; / The mirth of the land is departed.

Is 24:12In the city desolation remains, / And the gate is crushed to ruins.

Is 24:13For thus will it be in the midst of the earth, / Among the peoples: / Like the shaking of an olive tree, / Like the gleanings when the grape harvest is completed.

Is 24:14They will lift up their voice; they will give a ringing shout; / Because of the majesty of Jehovah they will cry out from the west.

Is 24:15Therefore in the east glorify Jehovah, / Even the name of Jehovah the God of Israel in the coastlands of the sea.

Is 24:16From the ends of the earth we hear songs: / Glory to the righteous One! / But I say, Leanness to me! Leanness to me! Woe to me! / The unfaithful deal unfaithfully! / Indeed the unfaithful deal most unfaithfully!

Is 24:17Dread, pit, and snare / Are upon you, O inhabitant of the earth.

Is 24:18And he who flees from the sound of dread / Will fall into the pit, / And he who comes up out of the pit / Will be taken in the snare; / For the windows from on high are open, / And the foundations of the earth shake.

Is 24:19The earth is broken asunder; / The earth is split through and through; / The earth is shaken violently.

Is 24:20The earth staggers back and forth like a drunkard / And sways about like a field hut. / And its transgression weighs heavily upon it; / It will fall and will not rise again.

Is 24:21And in that day Jehovah will punish / On high the host on high, / And the kings of the earth on the earth.

Is 24:22And they will be gathered together, / Like prisoners gathered in a dungeon; / And they will be shut up in prison, / And after many days they will be punished.

Is 24:23Then the moon will be abashed, and the sun will be ashamed; / For Jehovah of hosts will reign / In Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, / And His glory will be before His elders.

Isaiah 23 Isaiah 25

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