Is 3:1For now the Lord Jehovah of hosts / Is taking away from Jerusalem and from Judah / Every kind of support — / All the support of bread / And all the support of water;

Is 3:2The mighty man and the man of war, / The judge and the prophet, / And the diviner and the elder;

Is 3:3The captain of fifty and the highly regarded; / And the counselor, the wise magician, and the knowledgeable enchanter.

Is 3:4And I will make youths their rulers, / And capriciousness will rule over them.

Is 3:5And the people will be oppressed, each by the other, / And each by his neighbor. / The youth will be arrogant to the elder, / And the contemned one to the one who is honored.

Is 3:6When a man takes hold of his brother / In his father’s house and says, / You have clothing, you be our ruler, / And these ruins will be under your hand;

Is 3:7He will solemnly say, / I will not be the one who binds your wounds, / For in my house there is no food or clothing; / Do not appoint me as ruler of the people.

Is 3:8For Jerusalem stumbles, / And Judah falls, / Because their speech and their actions are against Jehovah, / To rebel against the eyes of His glory.

Is 3:9The countenance of their faces witnesses against them, / And they declare their sin like Sodom; / They do not hide it. / Woe to their soul! / For they have brought evil upon themselves.

Is 3:10Say to the righteous that it will go well with them, / For they will eat the fruit of their actions.

Is 3:11Woe to the wicked man! It will go badly with him; / For the result of his deeds will be done to him.

Is 3:12My people — their oppressors are children, / And women rule over them. / O My people, those who lead you are leading you astray; / And the path for your ways they have hidden.

Is 3:13Jehovah stands firm to contend, / And He stands to judge the people.

Is 3:14Jehovah will enter into judgment / With the elders of His people and their rulers. / It is you who have consumed the vineyard; / The spoil of the poor is in your houses.

Is 3:15What do you mean by crushing My people / And grinding the faces of the poor? / Declares the Lord Jehovah of hosts.

Is 3:16Moreover Jehovah said, / Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, / And walk around with outstretched necks / And lusting eyes, / And trip along with quick, little steps, / And rattle the anklets on their feet;

Is 3:17The Lord will strike the scalp of the daughters of Zion with scabs, / And Jehovah will expose their secret parts.

Is 3:18In that day the Lord will remove the beauty of their anklets, headbands, and crescents;

Is 3:19The ear pendants, the bracelets, and the costly veils;

Is 3:20The headdresses, the ankle chains, the sashes, the bottles of aromas, and the amulets;

Is 3:21The finger rings and the nose rings;

Is 3:22The formal gowns, the frocks, the wraps, and the purses;

Is 3:23The mirrors, the fine linen garments, the turbans, and the veils.

Is 3:24And instead of a sweet smell there will be rottenness; / And instead of a belt, an encircling rope; / Instead of well-set hair, baldness; / And instead of fine garments, the girding of oneself with sackcloth; / A brand instead of beauty.

Is 3:25Your men will fall by the sword, / And your mighty, in battle;

Is 3:26Then her gates will mourn and lament, / And she, being desolated, will sit on the ground.

Isaiah 2 Isaiah 4

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