Is 33:1Woe to you who destroy and were not destroyed, / And to him who deals unfaithfully and was not dealt with unfaithfully! / When you have finished destroying, you will be destroyed; / And when you cease to deal unfaithfully, they will deal unfaithfully with you.

Is 33:2O Jehovah, be gracious to us; we have waited for You; / Be our arm every morning, / Our salvation also in the time of distress.

Is 33:3At the noise of the tumult the peoples flee; / At the lifting up of Yourself the nations were scattered.

Is 33:4And your spoil will be gathered as the caterpillar gathers; / As locusts rush to and fro, men will rush to and fro upon it.

Is 33:5Jehovah is exalted, for He dwells on high; / He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness.

Is 33:6And there will be stability for your times: / A wealth of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; / The fear of Jehovah is his treasure.

Is 33:7Indeed their heroes cry in the streets; / The ambassadors of peace weep bitterly.

Is 33:8The highways are desolate; / The traveler ceases to travel. / He has broken the covenant; he despises the cities; / He does not regard man.

Is 33:9The land mourns and languishes; / Lebanon is ashamed and withers away; / Sharon is like a desert, / And Bashan and Carmel shake off their leaves.

Is 33:10Now I will arise, says Jehovah, / Now I will be exalted; now I will be lifted up.

Is 33:11You will conceive chaff; you will give birth to stubble; / Your own breath, like fire, will devour you;

Is 33:12And the peoples will be like the burning of lime, / Like cut down thorns that are burned in the fire.

Is 33:13Hear, you who are far off, what I have done; / And know, you who are near, My might.

Is 33:14The sinners in Zion are terrified; / Trembling has seized the profane: / Who among us can dwell with consuming fire? / Who among us can dwell with everlasting burning?

Is 33:15He who walks in righteousness and speaks uprightness; / He who rejects gains seized by extortion; / He who shakes his hands lest they hold on to a bribe, / Who stops his ears so as not to hear of bloodshed / And shuts his eyes so as not to look at evil.

Is 33:16This one will dwell on the heights; / His lofty retreat will be the rocky strongholds; / His bread will be given to him; his water will be sure.

Is 33:17Your eyes will see the King in His beauty; / They will behold a land that is very far away.

Is 33:18Your heart will meditate on terror: / Where is he who counts? Where is he who weighs? / Where is he who counts the towers?

Is 33:19You will not see a fierce people, / A people of unintelligible speech, hardly audible, / Of a stammering tongue which cannot be understood.

Is 33:20Look upon Zion, the city of our appointed feasts; / Your eyes will see Jerusalem, / A secure habitation, a tent that will not be removed; / Its stakes will never be pulled up, / And none of its cords will be torn apart.

Is 33:21But there the Majestic, Jehovah, will be for us / A place of rivers and broad streams, / On which no boat with oars will go / And no majestic ship will pass.

Is 33:22For Jehovah is our Judge, / Jehovah is our Lawmaker, / Jehovah is our King; He will save us.

Is 33:23Your tackle has been slackened; / It does not support its mast firmly, / Nor does it spread out the sail. / Then the prey of abundant spoil is divided; / The lame take the plunder.

Is 33:24And the inhabitant will not say, I am sick; / The people who dwell there will be forgiven their iniquity.

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