Is 57:1The righteous man perishes, / And no one takes it to heart; / And godly men are being swept away, / While no one considers / That the righteous man is being swept away from evil.

Is 57:2He enters into peace; / They rest in their beds, / Each who walks uprightly.

Is 57:3But draw near here, / You children of a sorceress, / You seed of an adulterer and of her who prostitutes herself.

Is 57:4Whom are you mocking, / And against whom are you opening your mouth wide / And sticking out your tongue? / Are you not children of transgression, / A seed of falsehood,

Is 57:5Who inflame yourselves among the terebinths, / Under every flourishing tree, / Who slaughter the children in the valleys / Under the clefts of the rocks?

Is 57:6Among the smooth stones of the valley is your portion, / They, yes, they are your lot. / Indeed, to them you have poured out a drink offering, / You have offered a meal offering. / Shall I ease Myself of these?

Is 57:7Upon a high and lofty mountain / You have set your bed. / Indeed, you went up there / To offer sacrifice.

Is 57:8And behind the door and doorpost / You have put your reminder. / For apart from Me, you have uncovered yourself and gone up; / You have extended your bed; / And you have made an agreement for yourself with them; / You loved their bed; you saw their nakedness.

Is 57:9And you went to the king with oil, / And you increased your perfumes; / You sent your envoys far away / And debased yourself even as far as Sheol.

Is 57:10You were wearied with the length of your way, / Yet you did not say, It is hopeless; / You found the renewing of your strength, / Therefore you did not weaken.

Is 57:11And whom have you been worried about and feared, / That you have lied and not remembered Me, / Nor taken it to heart? / Was I not silent, and that for a long time, / Yet you did not fear Me?

Is 57:12I will declare your righteousness / And your works, / Yet they will not profit you.

Is 57:13When you cry out, let your heaps of idols deliver you. / But the wind will carry them all away; / A breath will take them away. But he who takes refuge in Me will inherit the land / And possess My holy mountain.

Is 57:14And it will be said, / Cast up, cast up; prepare the way; / Take up the obstacle out of the way of My people.

Is 57:15For thus says the high and exalted One, / Who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy: / I will dwell in the high and holy place, / And with the contrite and lowly of spirit, / To revive the spirit of the lowly / And to revive the heart of the contrite.

Is 57:16For I will not contend forever, / Nor will I always be angry; / For the spirit would faint before Me, / And the souls which I have made.

Is 57:17Because of the iniquity of his unjust gain I was angry, / And I struck him; I hid Myself and was angry; / And he went on, turning away in the way of his heart.

Is 57:18I have seen his ways / And will heal him; / And I will lead him and restore comfort to him / And to his mourning ones,

Is 57:19Creating the fruit of the lips: / Peace, peace to him who is far off and to him who is near, / Says Jehovah; and I will heal him.

Is 57:20But the wicked are like the tossed sea, / For it cannot be calm, / And its waters toss up mire and mud.

Is 57:21There is no peace, says my God, for the wicked.

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