La 1:1How the city sits alone / That was full of people! / She who was once great among the nations / Has become like a widow; / She who was a princess among the provinces / Has become tributary.

La 1:2Bitterly she weeps in the night, / And her tears are on her cheeks. / There is no one to comfort her / Among all her lovers; / All her friends have dealt treacherously with her; / They have become her enemies.

La 1:3Judah has gone into exile, away from affliction / And away from great servitude; / She dwells among the nations / But finds no rest; / All her pursuers have overtaken her / In the midst of distress.

La 1:4The ways of Zion mourn, / For no one comes to the appointed feast; / All her gates are desolate; / Her priests groan; / Her virgins are afflicted, / And she is in bitterness.

La 1:5Her adversaries have become the head; / Her enemies prosper; / For Jehovah has afflicted her / Because of the multitude of her transgressions; / Her little ones have gone into captivity / Before the adversary.

La 1:6And all her majesty has departed / From the daughter of Zion; / Her princes have become like deer / That find no pasture, / And they have fled without strength / Before the pursuer.

La 1:7In the days of her affliction and her wanderings, / Jerusalem remembers / All her precious things / Which were in the days of old, / When her people fell into the hand of the adversary, / And there was no one to help her. / The adversaries saw her; / They mocked at her downfall.

La 1:8Jerusalem has sinned grievously; / Therefore she has become an impurity. / All who honored her despise her, / Because they have seen her nakedness; / And she groans / And turns backwards.

La 1:9Her uncleanness is in her skirts; / She did not remember her latter end; / Therefore she has come down astonishingly; / There is no one to comfort her. / O Jehovah, see my affliction, / For the enemy has magnified himself.

La 1:10The adversary has spread out his hand / Over all her precious things, / For she has seen the nations / Enter her sanctuary, / Concerning whom You commanded that they should not enter / Into Your assembly.

La 1:11All her people groan; / They seek bread; / They have given their precious things for food / To restore their soul. / See, O Jehovah, and look, / For I have become despised.

La 1:12Is it nothing to you, all who pass by the way? / Look and see / If there is any pain like my pain / Which is dealt to me, / Whom Jehovah has afflicted / In the day of His burning anger.

La 1:13He has sent fire from on high / Into my bones, and it prevails against them; / He has spread out a net for my feet; / He has turned me back; / He has made me a desolation / And faint all the day.

La 1:14The yoke of my transgressions is bound by His hand; / They are knit together; / They have come up upon my neck; / He has made my strength fail; / The Lord has delivered me into hands / From which I am not able to rise up.

La 1:15The Lord has made light of all my mighty men / In my midst; / He has called an assembly against me / To crush my young men. / The Lord has trodden, as in a winepress, / The virgin daughter of Judah.

La 1:16For these things I weep; / My eye, my eye runs down with water, / For the comforter who should revive my soul / Is far from me; / My children have become desolate, / Because the enemy has prevailed.

La 1:17Zion stretches out her hands, / Yet there is no one to comfort her. / Jehovah has commanded concerning Jacob / That those around him should be his adversaries; / Jerusalem has become an impurity / Among them.

La 1:18Jehovah is righteous, / For I have rebelled against His commandment. / Hear now, all the peoples, / And see my pain; / My virgins and my young men / Have gone into captivity.

La 1:19I have called to my lovers; / They have deceived me; / My priests and my elders / Have perished in the city, / While they sought food for themselves / To restore their souls.

La 1:20See, O Jehovah, for I am in distress, / My bowels are in ferment; / My heart is overturned within me, / For I have been very rebellious. / In the street the sword bereaves; / In the house it is like death.

La 1:21They have heard that I groan; / There is no one to comfort me; / All my enemies have heard of my trouble; / They are glad that You have done it. / You will bring the day that You have proclaimed, / And they will be like me.

La 1:22Let all their wickedness come before You, / And deal with them / As You have dealt with me / For all my transgressions; / For my sighs are many, / And my heart is faint.

Jeremiah 52 Lamentations 2

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