Ho 13:1When Ephraim spoke, there was trembling. / He exalted himself in Israel; / But he trespassed through Baal and died.

Ho 13:2And now they sin more and more / And make molten images for themselves out of their silver, / Idols according to their own understanding, / All of it the work of craftsmen. / Of them they say, / Let the men who sacrifice / Kiss the calves.

Ho 13:3Therefore they will be like a morning cloud / And like dew that departs early, / Like chaff driven by a storm wind from the threshing floor / And like smoke from a window vent.

Ho 13:4But I have been Jehovah your God / Since the land of Egypt; / And you were to know no god except Me, / For there is no savior besides Me.

Ho 13:5I knew you in the wilderness, / In the land of great drought.

Ho 13:6According to their pasturage they became full; / They became full, and their heart was exalted; / Therefore they have forgotten Me.

Ho 13:7Thus I will be to them like a lion; / Like a leopard I will watch them along the way.

Ho 13:8I will meet them like a bear robbed of her cubs, / And I will tear away the covering of their heart; / And I will devour them there like a lioness; / The beast of the field will tear them to pieces.

Ho 13:9It is your destruction, O Israel, / That you are against Me, against your help.

Ho 13:10Where then is your king, / That he may save you in all your cities, / And your judges of whom you said, / Give me a king and some princes?

Ho 13:11I gave you a king in My anger / And took him away in My overflowing wrath.

Ho 13:12The iniquity of Ephraim is bound up; / His sin is laid up in store.

Ho 13:13The pains of a woman giving birth will come upon him. / He is an unwise son; / For he should not delay at the time / The children break forth.

Ho 13:14From the power of Sheol I will ransom them; / From death I will redeem them. / Where are your plagues, O death? / Where is your destruction, O Sheol? / Repentance will be hidden from My eyes.

Ho 13:15Even if he should be fruitful among his brothers, / An east wind will come, / A wind of Jehovah / Coming up from the wilderness, / And his spring will become dry, / And his fountain will be dried up. / He will plunder the treasure / Of every desirable vessel.

Ho 13:16Samaria will be guilty, / For she rebelled against her God. / They will fall by the sword; / Their children will be dashed in pieces, / And their pregnant women will be ripped up.

Hosea 12 Hosea 14

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