Mi 2:1Woe to those who devise wickedness / And who prepare evil upon their beds! / In the light of the morning they do it / Because it is in the power of their hand to do so.

Mi 2:2And they covet fields and seize them, / And houses, and take them away; / And they oppress a person and his house, / And a man and his inheritance.

Mi 2:3Therefore thus says Jehovah, / I am now devising evil against this family, / From which you will not remove your necks; / And you will not go about haughtily, / For it is an evil time.

Mi 2:4In that day they will take up a proverb concerning you, / And they will lament a lamenting lament; they will say, / We are utterly ruined; / He has changed the portion of my people. / How He removes it from me! / He has apportioned our fields to the rebellious.

Mi 2:5Therefore you will have no one who casts the line by lot / In the congregation of Jehovah.

Mi 2:6Do not prophesy, they prophesy. / If the true prophets do not prophesy concerning these things, / The reproaches will not be turned back.

Mi 2:7Will it be said, O house of Jacob, / Is the Spirit of Jehovah hasty? / Are these His doings? / Do not My words benefit / Him who walks uprightly?

Mi 2:8But recently My people / Have risen up as an enemy; / You strip away the mantle / From off the garment / Of those who pass by securely, / Those who turn away from conflict.

Mi 2:9The women of My people you cast out, / From their pleasant houses; / From their young children you take away / My splendor forever.

Mi 2:10Arise and go, / For this is not your resting place, / Because of the uncleanness / That brings destruction, indeed grievous destruction.

Mi 2:11If a man going about / After wind and falsehood lies, saying, / I will prophesy to you / Concerning wine and liquor; / He would indeed become a prophet of this people.

Mi 2:12I will surely gather all of you, O Jacob; / I will surely assemble the remnant of Israel. / I will place them together like the sheep of Bozrah, / Like the flock in the midst of its pasture; / They will make much noise because of the many men.

Mi 2:13He who breaks through goes up before them; / They break through and pass through the gate, / And they go forth through it. / And their King goes forth before them; / Indeed Jehovah is at their head.

Micah 1 Micah 3

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