JOB 16

Jb 16:1Then Job answered and said,

Jb 16:2I have heard many such things; / Troubling comforters are you all.

Jb 16:3Do words of wind have an end? / Or what has provoked you that you so respond?

Jb 16:4I also could speak like you, / If your soul were in my soul’s stead; / I could join my words together against you / And shake my head at you.

Jb 16:5I could strengthen you with my mouth, / And the movement of my lips would mitigate your pain.

Jb 16:6If I speak, my pain is not mitigated; / And if I forbear, how much departs from me?

Jb 16:7But now He has worn me out; / You have desolated all my company.

Jb 16:8And You have seized me; it is a testimony against me; / And my leanness rises up against me; it testifies to my face.

Jb 16:9In His wrath He has torn me to pieces and been adverse toward me; / He has gnashed His teeth at me. / My Adversary sharpens His eyes at me.

Jb 16:10With their mouth they gape at me; / They strike my cheek reproachfully; / They mass themselves together against me.

Jb 16:11God has delivered me over to the unjust / And cast me down into the hands of the wicked.

Jb 16:12I was at ease, and He broke me apart; / Indeed He took me by my neck and dashed me to pieces. / And He set me up as His target;

Jb 16:13His archers surrounded me; / He split open my kidneys and did not desist; / He poured out my gall upon the earth.

Jb 16:14He broke me open with breach upon breach; / He ran at me like a mighty man of war.

Jb 16:15I have sewn sackcloth upon my skin / And have cast my horn into the dust.

Jb 16:16My face is reddened with weeping, / And on my eyelids is the shadow of death;

Jb 16:17Though there is no violence in my hands, / And my prayer is pure.

Jb 16:18O earth, do not cover my blood; / And let there be no resting place for my crying out.

Jb 16:19Even now, there in heaven is my Witness, / And He who vouches for me is in the heights.

Jb 16:20My friends deride me; / My eye pours out tears to God,

Jb 16:21That He would plead for a man in his case with God / And for a son of man in his case with his Neighbor.

Jb 16:22For when years few in number have come, / I will go the way from which I cannot return.

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