JOB 17

Jb 17:1My spirit is broken; / My days are extinct; / The graveyard is ready for me.

Jb 17:2Surely there are mockers with me, / And my eye lingers on their provocation.

Jb 17:3Lay down now a pledge for me with Yourself; / Who is he who will strike hands with me?

Jb 17:4For You have hidden their heart from insight; / Therefore You will not exalt them.

Jb 17:5He who denounces his friends for a share of the profit taken, / Even the eyes of his children will fail.

Jb 17:6But He has made me a byword of the people, / And I have become one on whom they may spit.

Jb 17:7And my eye has grown dim because of the sorrow, / And my members are all like a shadow.

Jb 17:8The upright are appalled at this, / And the innocent stir themselves up against the profane man.

Jb 17:9Yet the righteous man will hold fast to his way, / And he whose hands are clean will wax yet stronger.

Jb 17:10But all of you, come back now, / And I will not find a wise man among you.

Jb 17:11My days have passed; broken are my plans, / The cherished thoughts of my heart.

Jb 17:12They change night into day; / The light is near, they say in the face of darkness.

Jb 17:13If I wait for Sheol as my house; / If I spread my couch in the darkness;

Jb 17:14If I call out to the pit, You are my father; / You are my mother and my sister, to the worm;

Jb 17:15Where then is my hope? / Indeed, my hope, who will see it?

Jb 17:16It will go down to the bars of Sheol, / When, at the same time, we have rest in the dust.

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