JOB 18

Jb 18:1Then Bildad the Shuhite answered and said,

Jb 18:2How long will you hunt for words? / Consider, and afterward we will speak.

Jb 18:3Why are we considered to be like beasts / And have become unclean in your eyes?

Jb 18:4You who tear yourself in your anger, / Will the earth be forsaken for your sake, / Or will the rock be removed from its place?

Jb 18:5Indeed the light of the wicked goes out, / And the flame of his fire does not shine.

Jb 18:6The light is darkness in his tent, / And his lamp above him goes out.

Jb 18:7The steps of his strength are confined, / And his counsel has cast him down.

Jb 18:8For he has been cast into a net by his own feet, / And he walks about on the webbing of a pitfall.

Jb 18:9A snare grabs him by the heel; / A trap lays hold on him.

Jb 18:10A rope is hidden for him on the ground, / And a trap for him, on the path.

Jb 18:11Terrors frighten him all around / And chase him at his heels.

Jb 18:12His strength is famished, / And calamity is prepared at his side.

Jb 18:13It devours the members of his body; / The firstborn of death devours his members.

Jb 18:14He is rooted out of his tent, in which he trusts; / And he is made to march to the king of terrors.

Jb 18:15That which is not his dwells in his tent; / Brimstone is scattered upon his habitation.

Jb 18:16Beneath, his roots are dried up; / And above, his branch is withered.

Jb 18:17The memory of him perishes from the earth, / And he has no name on the open plain.

Jb 18:18He is thrust out from the light to the darkness / And driven from the world.

Jb 18:19He has no posterity and no progeny among his people, / And there are none remaining where he sojourned.

Jb 18:20Those who come after will be astonished at his day, / As those who went before were horrified.

Jb 18:21Surely these are the dwellings of the unjust, / And this is the place of him who does not know God.

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