Na 2:1He who scatters has come up before you: / Keep the fortress, / Watch the way, / Strengthen the loins, / Fortify the power greatly.

Na 2:2For Jehovah restores / The excellency of Jacob / As the excellency of Israel; / For the emptiers have emptied them out / And destroyed their vine branches.

Na 2:3The shield of His mighty men is red; / The valiant men are clad in scarlet; / The chariots flash with the shining of steel / In the day of His preparation, / And the spears are brandished.

Na 2:4In the streets the chariots rush madly; / They dash to and fro in the open squares; / Their appearance is like that of torches; / They dart like lightning.

Na 2:5The Assyrian king remembers his glorious ones: / They stumble in their march; / They hasten to the wall of the city, / But the besiegers’ shelter is prepared.

Na 2:6The gates of the rivers are opened, / And the palace is dissolved.

Na 2:7And it is determined: She is uncovered; she is carried away; / And her maidens moan, / As with the sound of doves, / Beating their breasts.

Na 2:8Though Nineveh has been like a pool of water all her days, / Now they are fleeing. / Stand! Stand! But no one turns back.

Na 2:9Plunder the silver! Plunder the gold! / And there is no end to what has been prepared. / Oh, the glory of all the desirable vessels!

Na 2:10Emptiness and void and waste! / And the heart melts, and the knees knock, / And anguish is in all the loins, / And the faces of all of them become pale.

Na 2:11Where is the den of lions / And the feeding place of young lions, / Where the lion and the lioness walked, / And the lion’s whelp; and no one frightened them?

Na 2:12The lion tore in pieces, enough for his whelps, / And strangled for his lionesses / And filled his caves with torn prey / And his dens with torn animals.

Na 2:13Indeed I am against you, / Declares Jehovah of hosts; / And I will burn your chariots in smoke, / And the sword will devour your young lions; / And I will cut off your prey from the earth; / And the voice of your messengers will no longer be heard.

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