Na 3:1Woe to the bloody city! / She is all full of lies and pillage; / The prey does not depart.

Na 3:2The sound of the whip, / And the sound of the rattling wheel; / And the horse galloping, / And the chariot jolting by,

Na 3:3The horseman making the horse to rear up, / And the sword flashing, / And the spear glittering; / And a multitude of the slain, / And a mass of corpses, / And no end to the bodies — / They stumble among their bodies.

Na 3:4This because of the multitude of harlotries / Of the well-favored harlot, / The mistress of sorceries, / Who sells nations by her harlotries / And families by her sorceries.

Na 3:5Indeed I am against you, declares Jehovah of hosts; / And I will throw open your skirts upon your face, / And I will show the nations your nakedness, / And the kingdoms your shame.

Na 3:6And I will cast abominable filth upon you / And make you appear foolish and make you like a spectacle.

Na 3:7And everyone who sees you / Will flee from you and say, / Nineveh is laid waste. / Who will lament for her? / Where will I seek / Some to comfort you?

Na 3:8Are you better than No-amon, / Who sat beside the canals / With waters all around her, / Whose bulwark was the sea / And water was her wall?

Na 3:9Cush was her strength, / As well as Egypt, and it was without end; / Put and the Libyans / Were among her helpers.

Na 3:10She too was carried away; / She went into captivity; / Her little ones too were dashed to pieces / At the head of every street, / And for her nobles / They cast lots, / And all her great men / Were bound in chains.

Na 3:11You too will be drunken; / You will be hidden. / You too will seek / A stronghold from the enemy.

Na 3:12All your fortresses will be like fig trees / With first ripe figs: / If they are shaken, they will fall / Into the mouth of the eater.

Na 3:13Indeed your people are like women / In the midst of you; / Unto your enemies the gates of your land / Are wide open; / Fire devours your bars.

Na 3:14Draw for yourself water for the siege! / Strengthen your fortresses! / Go into the clay, / And tread in the mortar! / Make the brick kiln ready!

Na 3:15There will the fire devour you; / The sword will cut you off; / It will devour you like the locust. / Enlarge yourself like the locust; / Enlarge yourself like the locust swarm.

Na 3:16You have multiplied your merchants / Like the stars of heaven; / The locust strips everything and flies away.

Na 3:17Your princes are like the locust swarm, / And your officials are like hordes of locusts, / Which camp in the hedges / On a cold day, / But when the sun arises, they flee away, / And the place where they are is unknown.

Na 3:18Your shepherds slumber, / O king of Assyria; / Your nobles sleep. / Your people are scattered upon the mountains, / And there is no one to gather them.

Na 3:19There is no alleviating of your injury; / Your wound is grievous. / All who hear the report of you / Clap their hands over you; / For upon whom has your wickedness / Not passed continually?

Nahum 2 Habakkuk 1

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