Hb 1:1The burden which Habakkuk the prophet saw.

Hb 1:2How long, O Jehovah, shall I cry / And You do not hear? / I cry out to You, Violence! / And You do not save.

Hb 1:3Why do You cause me to see iniquity / And look upon wrong? / Indeed destruction and violence are before me; / And there is strife, and contention arises.

Hb 1:4Therefore the law is ineffective, / And justice never goes forth; / For the wicked one encompasses the righteous one, / Therefore justice goes forth perverted.

Hb 1:5Look among the nations, and see, / And be amazed, utterly amazed. / For I am doing a work in your days / Which you would not believe if it were told you.

Hb 1:6For I am about to raise up the Chaldeans, / That bitter and hasty nation / That marches through the breadth of the earth / To possess habitations that are not theirs.

Hb 1:7They are terrible and dreadful; / Their judgment and their authority issue from themselves.

Hb 1:8And their horses are swifter than leopards / And more agile than the wolves of evening. / And their horsemen prance about; / Indeed their horsemen come from afar; / They fly like an eagle that hastens to devour.

Hb 1:9All of them come to do violence; / The set of their faces is forward, / And they gather captives like sand.

Hb 1:10Indeed they scoff at kings, / And potentates are a derision to them; / They deride every fortress, / For they heap up dirt and take it.

Hb 1:11Then they will sweep through like the wind and pass over / And thus become guilty; this — their strength — is their god.

Hb 1:12Are You not from everlasting, O Jehovah, / My God, my Holy One? We will not die. / O Jehovah, You have appointed them for judgment; / And You, O Rock, have established them for correction.

Hb 1:13You who are of purer eyes than to behold evil / And who cannot look upon wrong, / Why do You look upon them who deal treacherously / And keep silent when the wicked man swallows up him who is more righteous than he?

Hb 1:14And You make man like the fish of the sea, / Like the creeping things, who have no one to rule for them.

Hb 1:15They take all of them up with a hook; / They drag them off in their net / And gather them into their seine; / So they rejoice and exult.

Hb 1:16Therefore they offer sacrifices to their net / And burn incense to their seine, / For by them their portion is fat / And their food is plenteous.

Hb 1:17Will they then empty their net / And continually slay the nations without sparing?

Nahum 3 Habakkuk 2

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